How to Help


If You Have A Desire To Help… Here’s How.

Equity School is a registered school and complies with Kenyan national standards, however it is not eligible for Kenyan government funding as it is considered a private school. If it is to continue providing its students with the chance of getting out of the poverty cycle, we need help from others. That is partially why we have launched this website to make its needs known and hope that you may feel it a worthy cause to support, no matter how small your contribution might be.

Here’s how you can get involved;

To make a one off donation please visit our Give A Little pages (NZ)
100% of donations go directly to the running of the school. Visit our Give-A-Little page

Email us if you would like to setup a regular donation

A regular donation of any size or frequency would be greatly appreciated. Regular donations really contributes to the day to day running of the school and helps ensure some financial stability even with the up and down nature of having to rely on charitable donations.  Please email us if you would like the details to setup an automatic payment.

Volunteer time or organise an event

If you are interested in helping us raise funds please feel welcome to send us an email.  Ways of helping could include…

  • Organise an event at your workplace or local school,
  • Help run one of our Compassion Craft stalls at markets around Auckland,
  • Help find companies willing to provide some sponsorship of school programmes,
  • Set up and run market stalls, cake stalls, fund raising events with friends and/or children,
  • Help organise a ‘sister school’ relationship with a NZ primary school,

Most of our fundraising is done in New Zealand but we would be open to working with anyone wanting to help. Simply email us and we can discuss ways you can help.