The New Zealand Connection


The New Zealand Connection

Lynn Williams, a kiwi living in Auckland, has spearheaded fundraising efforts over the past several years and has made significant contributions through the kindness and support of everyday New Zealanders.

Helen and Lynn formed a close friendship as pen pals, based on shared vision to improve the lives and opportunities of the most vulnerable children in Kenya. For over 20 years they have build a relationship, including 14 years through CCF sponsorship and 3 years very closely working for the establishment and running Equity School. Their efforts with Equity School have seen the roll grow to over 80 children, who are all receiving an education and skills to help them get out of the poverty cycle. This 20 year relationship has culminated in not only opening the school but also providing the students with clean water, two meals a day, books, pencils, school bags, educational games and other resources. Donations from New Zealanders have also been instrumental in the completion of structural work for a new school house.

Helen and Lynn now keep in contact via a computer Helen had donated to help her. Helen is able to afford to pay for electricity for an hour a day and uses this time to find useful resources and ideas to help her develop school programmes. With more funding, Helen will be able to invest in a resources like printers, paper, computers and further increase programmes for student health and nutrition.

Compassion Crafts

One way Lynn helps to raise funds to support Equity School is through her hobby ‘Compassion Crafts’. Lynn hand crafts unique, glass pendants and sells them at the weekly Silverdale Markets in Auckland. At the stall, she will happily talk to you about the work she is doing to support the Equity School. Lynn maintains a regular stall at the market, with all the money she makes in sales, going to the directly to the school.

In addition to Lynn’s stall, she also receives help and donations from other compassionate kiwis wanting to help this grassroots initiative. What has been especially inspiring is the compassion and willingness to help of school aged children around Auckland, who have participated in MUFTI days or organised their own fundraising efforts.