The Basics


The Basics

  1.   Equity School was launched by a few people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of AIDS Orphans and other vulnerable children in Kenya,

  2.   The goal is the empowerment of Rusinga Island’s AIDS orphans and those too poor to otherwise go to school,

  3.  Established in 2013 in an old corrugated iron shed with an earth floor, no furniture and no resources except a single personal computer.

  4. Even with limited resources the school now supports over 100 students with education as well as basic healthcare and daily meals,

  5. All fundraising is done by volunteers, that means 100% of money raised go directly to running of the school and student welfare projects,

  6.   AIDS has severely impacted on the lives of the children and on the earning ability of a large number of people in the community, Equity School the only opportunity for many children in the community to receive an education,

  7.   The number of AIDS orphans continue to rise in the community due to poverty, a lack of education about transmission and the inability of those afflicted to pay for medical treatment,

  8.  Although Equity itself is a registered school meeting Kenyan national standards, it is not eligible for Kenyan government funding as it is a private school,

  9. The Equity School is founded on compassion and has given hope to the community of a more secure future.