More Than Just A School…


More Than Just A School…

Equity School aims at providing its students with more than the vital education needed for improving futures. It also provides a number critical day-to-day nutritional and healthcare services.


  • There are currently 80 students, ranging in age from 4 to 11.
  • The school satisfies the requirements of the Kenyan state school system
  • Students come from a range of tribal backgrounds, with different languages, so all teaching is in English. This provides the students with an advantage as most other Kenyan students speak very little English.
  • The community has sewn school uniforms so all the students can have equality of dress and pride in their school.


  • The school now has a rainwater tank and purifying tablets, allowing each child to have one cup of clean water each day (instead of dubious lake water),
  • Each family looking after an orphan child attending the Equity School has been provided with a mosquito net to protect the children against Malaria.


  • Food supplies are erratic as fishing, a main income source, is precarious due to over fishing,
  • Crops are affected by climatic events and are often unreliable,
  • The Equity School is able, thanks to generous donations, provide 2 meals a day to students and establish some basic food security for these students.

The achievements to date have been accomplished with extremely few resources, every month is a struggle to raise the funds needed to provide these essential and life saving services. We hope to expand on these services and provide support to even more children who are in need in the community, however this is limited by our available resources.